Community Service

We are currently accepting community service volunteers. All applicants must pay a registration fee of $25 to cover program costs. This registration fee is non-refundable regardless if you are declined, discontinue your service, or we terminate your community service. Outer Banks SPCA reserves the right to terminate the community service for volunteers who do not comply with our standards and guidelines listed in the Volunteer Manual.

Individuals who are wishing to show volunteer hours prior to a court hearing will need to complete the same application process and requirements as individuals who are completing court ordered community service.

It is recommended that you complete the court ordered community service application process well in advance of the deadline for your hours. This is also recommended for those individuals who wish to show volunteer hours prior to going to a court hearing. We do not guarantee we will have hours available for community services volunteers every day.

All volunteers must pay a registration fee and sign a volunteer waiver prior to completing any volunteer hours. Community service hours start at 8 am, Monday-Friday. Volunteers who show up late will be asked to come another day.

We accept students who are required to complete community service hours by their school. There is no fee, but please remember that volunteers under 16 years old need to be supervised by a parent at all times. 

For questions and more information please contact our Office Manager, Candice Saunders at or (252)475-5620.