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Dog KennelS

We are no longer allowing the public to walk through the kennels freely. After much thought and deliberation we made this change as it is what is best for our dogs and their mental health. With this protocol in place we are trying to reduce the amount of kennel stress our dogs experience while living at the shelter. Please understand that this is our dogs home and they deserve to relax while in their kennel.
We understand the public enjoys coming in and being able to see the dogs and we are so happy with all the volunteers we get! Volunteers and the public are still welcome and we will happily get a dog for anyone to walk. Please feel free to ask a staff member if you would like to spend time with one of our available dogs outside of their kennel.
With that being said, when you come to the shelter and are serious about adopting, please ask a staff member for assistance. The Canine Care Staff will happily take the time with you and discuss what you are looking for in a dog. We then can bring out some dogs that we think would be the right fit for you or a staff member will happily walk through the kennels with you.
We hope you all understand we have our dogs best interest at heart and are doing what is right for them. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us 252-475-5620
All of our dogs have such amazing personalities and we just want everyone to see how incredible each dog is outside of the kennel!

Pets for Patriots

Pets for Patriots helps veterans find, adopt, and care for their new best friends. “Ordinary” shelter/rescue dogs and cats who have an extraordinary capacity to love.

Veterans who adopt through Pets for Patriots receive a range of benefits to reduce the lifetime costs of having a pet and to nurture the person-pet bond.

Their mission is to give the gifts of fidelity, joy, and love to veterans and pets through companion animal adoption.

When you join Pets for Patriots, you…

• Receive discounts or other specials when you adopt from our shelter partners

• Save on your new pet’s ongoing medical care with discounted fees from our veterinary partners

• Enjoy member-only savings on everyday supplies, pet insurance, food and more

• Receive a $150 ‘welcome home’ gift card to help start life with your new pet’

• Get the unconditional love of a companion dog or cat

To find out more about Pets for Patriots and how to apply, please click here!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I adopt a pet?

Adopting an animal from the OBX SPCA is simple! Please take a look at our adoptable animals to determine which pet/s interests you. Please do NOT complete the PetTango application online, as we do not receive them. Contact us with questions about the animal of interest – you can either email our Cat Care Manager,, or our Kennel Manager, You can also call our main number, 252-475-5620, to find out more. Or simply stop by shelter to browse and meet our animals and our staff members will assist with any introductions. We do ask that you remain open-minded about which animal you choose. Our staff of matchmakers know the cats and dogs very well and are dedicated to introducing you to the pets that will fit your lifestyle! Once you meet your match and are ready to adopt, you will complete any necessary applications and paperwork in person while at the shelter. The next step is that our staff and managers will review the applications for each animal, and if approved, you can take the animal home that very day! If any post-adoption instructions are required, they will be given to you before you take your new pet home.

What do I need to bring to adopt an animal?

You will need to bring your driver’s license, a cat carrier if adopting a cat, and a leash and collar if adopting a dog. Cats, or a pair of cats/kittens, are adoptable for $50 and dogs are adoptable for $100 or $200, depending on size and age.

Can I be contacted if a “fill-in-the-blank” breed of dog or cat come in?

We do not offer this service. All of our adoptable residents are available on a first come, first serve basis. If you are particularly interested in a specific breed/mix, please check our website and social media (Facebook, Instagram) platforms regularly.

Does the OBX SPCA adopt to families that live out of state?
Absolutely! We do not require home visits unless we are alerted of a reason to do so. Our adoption application requires obtaining a copy of all driver’s licenses so that we know where all of our animals will reside and ensure they are traceable.
Has my new pet been fully vaccinated and been spayed/neutered?
Yes, your new pet will be current on all required vaccinations and spayed/neutered at the time of adoption. Our residents are NOT adoptable until the animals are spayed or neutered. (If you take home a pet that has not been altered, but plan to adopt, you are “Fostering-to-Adopt”) Once adoption is complete, you are responsible to keep the animal up to date on vaccines.
Can I adopt a pet before it is spayed/neutered?

You cannot adopt a pet before it is altered, but you can take an animal home with the intent to adopt once the animal is spayed/neutered. This is what we call “foster-to-adopt,” which means that you are fostering the animal that is still legally the property of the OBX SPCA until you are able to adopt.

What is included when I adopt an animal?

Our adoption fees make adopting a shelter pet very affordable for our community. When you adopt an animal from the OBX SPCA, the following is included with the adoption fee: all adopted animals are fully up-to-date on all state required vaccinations, the spay and neuter surgery is included, initial flea treatment, medical evaluation, behavior assessment, all animals are microchipped with free registration, and a free office visit with a participating local veterinarian. You also receive unconditional love and the opportunity to save a life!

Do you all spay/neuter animals at the shelter?

No. The OBX SPCA does not have a medical clinic or medically trained staff in-house. We do work very closely with several, local Veterinarians to perform these, and other, surgeries.

What medical advice can you provide?
We do not have a Veterinarian on staff, and we cannot give medical advice or sell medication. Our advice will always be to follow up with your local Vet to determine any illness.
What is your return policy?

We strive to educate and inform all potential adopters that animal adoption is a serious decision that comes with responsible commitment. Moving an animal back and forth between homes and the shelter setting is extremely stressful for them. While we encourage adopters to do anything it takes to “make it work” with your new pet to keep them out of the shelter and in a home, we will take an adopted pet back if all efforts fail. If you need to return your adopted pet, please call us at 252-475-5620, or email your adoption coordinator (Cats: Or Dogs: ) Please be aware that returning the pet may not be effective immediately based on our space available, and our staff will work with you to answer questions and provide any next steps.

Will my adoption fee be refunded if I return the pet?

Unfortunately, no. We are not able to refund adoption fees. As a non-profit animal shelter, all adoption fees are immediately put to good use to cover the cost of saving more animals’ lives.

I am interested in a certain pet that I’d like to adopt but am not sure she/he will work out in my home with my other pets. Can I do a “trial run” to see if it works before I adopt?

Yes! In this case you would be fostering the pet for an agreed upon amount of time, to ensure your home is the right fit for our animal. Our staff, however, will determine which pets will benefit from this most depending on each circumstance that presents. We want everyone in the home to be happy and thrive!

What do I do with my new pet if he/she gets sick after I adopt him/her?

Once an animal has been adopted, the OBX SPCA can no longer provide treatment and we will recommend that you pursue medical attention with a local veterinarian.

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