Dare County Dog Licenses

Dare County statutes 91.001 and 91.025 require all dogs that reside in Dare County wear an identification tag distributed by Dare County Animal Control. These licenses not only help us get your pets back home to you, but helps us track rabies vaccination status for the dogs in our county. Licenses are issued annually starting January of each year.

Online Application Process

Thank you for applying for a 2024 dog license!

Complete Application

Step 1: Complete the application by using the form below. If you have a copy of your pet’s proof of rabies please attach it using the form. If you do not have proof of rabies please identify your veterinarian so that we may contact them. Please have a credit or debit card ready for payment at the end of the form. There is a $3 processing fee for online orders.

Second Dog

Step 2: If you have more than one dog please refresh the page AFTER completing your first submission and fill out the form for your second dog. Make sure you have submitted the first application before refreshing the page. An application must be submitted and tag fee paid for each dog.

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