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The Outer Banks SPCA & Dare County Animal Shelter are currently seeking

to fill one Part Time Animal Care Technician vacancy.

If you are interested in applying, please read the job descriptions below and follow the link below.   


Resumes and any questions should be submitted to: 

Animal Care Technician 


The Purpose of the Position:

To provide the best possible supportive care to the animals of the Outer Banks SPCA.  This position must adhere to the Outer Banks SPCA policies as well as the standards of cleanliness and animal welfare of the organization.  This position reports to the Cat Care Manager, the Canine Care Manager, and to the Director of the Outer Banks SPCA.



Animal Care Technicians must be courteous and professional at all times.

All employees of the Outer Banks SPCA are expected to be honest and trustworthy, respectful of self and others, demonstrate sound work ethics, and provide excellent customer service and community relations at all times.  All employees are representatives of the Outer Banks SPCA at all times and must carry themselves as such.


            1. Cleaning - Provide quality daily cleaning following the guidelines of the Outer Banks expectations and cross contamination policy.  This cleaning includes but is not limited to:

-        individual cage and kennel cleaning and scrubbing

-        dish washing

-        sweeping and mopping

-        laundry

-        general straightening and organization


            2. Animal Care - Direct humane animal handling including but not limited to:

-        transferring from one location to another (cage to cage, kennel to play yard, etc.)

-        walking dogs

-        bathing dogs and kittens

-        holding for medical procedures

-        handling for potential adopters or redemptions


           3. Enrichment

-        assisting in providing daily enrichment activities

-        assisting in logging daily enrichment activities


            4. Medical care - Animal Care Technicians are expected to deliver recommended and required medical care daily to the animals at the shelter.  They are expected to disperse the treatments and perform the required procedures humanely, professionally, and in the manner they are trained in by the Outer Banks SPCA.  

All procedures are to be logged in the correct places, with follow up care scheduled when necessary.


            5. Public Relations 

Provide excellent customer service to all visitors at all times. 

Assist owners of lost canines in the redemption process.

Assist potential adopters in all aspects of the adoption including.

- matchmaking selection

- question and answer processes

- visitation

- meet and greet

Assist volunteers and other staff members in selection and handling of dogs for walks, events, evaluation and other needs.

Adhere to the policies and procedures of the Outer Banks SPCA at all times.


            6. Other duties

Assist in Office work as needed, including, but not limited to:

            - answering phones

            - animal intake

            - animal services complaints and dispatch

            - foster follow up

            - owner surrender

            - customer relations

            - filing

            - scheduling veterinary appointments

            - assist in website maintenance



-        Basic knowledge of computer use and Office Software

-        Basic knowledge of video and film editing preferred.

-        Professional customer service experience perferred.

-        Animal care experience preferred.



Ability to work independently and as a team. Builds and maintains relationships.

Ability to recognize and rectify short falls within their realm of responsibility.

Logical, goal oriented, uses resources and tools available, and asks questions to gather information.

Energetic, productive, committed and effectively uses time.


Speaks clearly, listens actively, and communicates effectively.

Takes direction, clearly and accurately performs the tasks requested.

Appropriate use of various forms of communication (phone, email, face-to-face)

Puts animal care and customer service above all else.


Working Environment

Being an open admission shelter, the working environment can be unpredictable and stressful at times.



This position usually consists of up to twenty hours a week and is considered a part time position.  At times there may be an increased level of commitment.


Physical Demands

This position, particularly the animal cleaning and care portions, are extremely physical and require someone of sound body to perform the necessary tasks.  There will be lifting of fifty pounds or more at times. This position requires regular and humane handling of dogs over fifty pounds that will pull, jump, and attempt to knock you over.  Strength, balance, and stamina are physical staples of this position.


Environmental Conditions

This job does require direct contact with animals.  Animals can be unpredictable at times and employees are expected to exercise caution when handling them.


Mental Demands

Animal Sheltering is an extremely emotional and sometimes daunting task.  Stress management inside and outside the work place is critical to performing at optimum standards.

Shelter Information



PO Box 2477

Manteo, NC 27954


1031 Driftwood Drive

Manteo, NC 27954

Phone:  252-475-5620


Adoption Hours


Monday thru Friday  11am to 5pm

Saturdays 11am to 2pm

*March - September we are open until 7pm on Wednesdays


Office hours start at 8:30 am Monday thru Friday

*Owner Surrenders are by appointment only

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